The sleeping bag project's goal is to give the most needy refugees a sleeping bag to help them stay warm.

This project started out in January of 2016, when extremely cold nights were hitting the island of Lesvos, and not enough tents and shelter were available for the refugees that were arriving. 

When we give a refugee a sleeping bag, we tell them to keep it with them, as they have a journey of at least 1500 kilometers after their ferry ride to Athens. Many of them will face nights out in the cold, either waiting for busses or trains, or just walking from one transit spot to another, and camping along the side of the road. 

Some of the sleeping bags are being washed and recycled back to the camps by another one of our favorite groups: Dirty Girls of Lesvos.  We support them through our Laundry Project

In our initial purchase of Sleeping bags, we bought 1000. We took some to the medical tent run by Sisters in Health on Afghan Hill in Moria. Sea of Solidarity also has supplied the Lighthouse camp with sleeping bags that they use in their sleeping tents. 

But with an average of 1167 new arrivals on Lesvos each day of January, keeping up with the need is a constant challenge. We need your help. Donate to provide warmth to a refugee today.