One of the ongoing needs of the refugees is shoes. Many of them walk dozens of miles daily, and they often live in muddy camps that are not gentle on their shoes. 

Sea of Solidarity is coordinating to get shoes to some of the camps in Greece. We did this back in December on Lesvos, and now we're doing it in Ritsona, where there are over 200 children, and 800 total refugees. 

We work with local suppliers to get shoes to the various locations that we work with refugees. Working with local stores helps the local Greek economy, and helps us avoid all the challenges of importing and paying shipping and taxes to get shoes and socks where they are needed. 

Please consider sponsoring a pair of shoes, or a few pairs. Thousands of pairs of shoes are needed. 

We are trying out a new way of donating: letting you sponsor the number of pairs you want by putting them in a cart. When you checkout, enter your address as the shipping address, and then mark it as your billing address.  Don't worry, we won't ship any shoes to you. They are going to the refugees in Ritsona. Wanting a shipping address is a limitation of the commerce tool we use to power this website.