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Contributions to Sea of Solidarity go directly towards immediate services needed after refugees land on Lesvos.  In the past that included feeding them a warm meal and treating hypothermia and immediate injuries before they headed to other camps for registration. Often, the food that we provided them was the only food they got for several days, until they got registered. 

Things have changed.  In 2016 Europe has been progressively closing it's borders, and has made agreements with Turkey to ship refugees back to Turkey.  Greece has setup camps in various small towns to try to house some of the refugees in tents. We continue to work on the ground with our partners to provide humane conditions and longer-term solutions as much as we can. 

By partnering with dozens of trusted organizations on the ground, SoS remains committed to addressing the needs of the refugees. Now we are focused on helping at camps on mainland Greece and in urban areas of Izmir, Turkey, where so many refugees are stuck. We need your help to continue this vital work. 


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