Another landing, a couple injuries

Yesterday Adam Rosser, one of the founders of Sea of Solidarity was in Lesvos helping bring in boats. He wore a GoPro camera during one of the dinghy landings to capture the chaos that happens.  Keep in mind this was a relatively smooth landing. The weather was clear and the seas were calm. Nobody panicked, Nobody had hypothermia that we know of. Several women did have their legs hurt because they had other people sitting on top of them for nearly 2 hours during the crossing. 

Notice how the boat is stuffed with people. These dinghies are designed to hold about 15 people. There are probably about 50 on this one, some have even more. Most of these people are from deserts and landlocked countries. They've never learned been on a boat or learned how to swim, so they are deathly afraid of the water and of drowning. Imagine being on the edge of a bumper, being pushed around by all the people around you. Now imagine being afraid of the water and splashed with every wave. There's enough adrenaline and terror packed in each of these boats to smell. You can hear the volunteers yelling to them. I believe it's something along the lines of "Slowly" or "Calm" that they're yelling.